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  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
    152 things to do while camping!!

    In honour of Canada turning 152 this year, we wanted to put together this list of 152 things to do while camping! 

    1. First things first, set up your campsite!   
    2. Hiking
    3. Biking
    4. Horse back riding
    5. Rent a paddle boat
    6. Canoeing/Kayaking
    7. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Find an item that matches each colour of the rainbow!
    8. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Find an item that starts with each letter of the alphabet
    9. Build a tent   
    10. Try all the flavours at the ice cream shop
    11. Fishing
    12. Go exploring with a fishing net   
    14. Do a treasure hunt by hiding small items around the campsite for the kids to find
    15. Water balloon fight
    16. Water balloon baseball! Don’t have a bat? Use a pool noodle!
    17. Go to the pool
    18. Go to the beach
    19. Catch frogs   
    20. Build a sand castle
    21. Write your names in the sand along with the date and take a picture!
    22. Paint some pet rocks
    23. Build an Inukshuk   
    24. Blow bubbles
    25. Make a tin can telephone
    26. Memory game. When sitting around the fire take turns adding to the list of what you would pack for camping. “When I go camping I’m going to bring marshmallows.” Then the next person “When I go camping I’m going to bring marshmallows and chocolate” and so on!
    27. Chop wood
    28. Haul wood
    29. Collect kindling
    30. Leaf rubbings   
    31. Scope out the historical sites
    32. Bingo
    33. Tic Tac toe with sticks and stones
    34. Bring your puppy for a walk
    35. Build a wind chime with sticks, leaves and stones. Or maybe you can find shells at the beach to use!
    36. Go berry picking
    37. Find some cool shapes in the clouds
    38. Wood whittling
    39. Identify the birds you hear
    40. Identify the plants you see
    41. Star gazing
    42. Make a wish on a shooting star
    43. See an outdoor movie
    44. Load up your ArrKann wagon and see an outdoor concert!  
    45. Play horseshoes
    46. Build a slingshot with elastic bands and sticks
    47. Use those same elastic bands to make a natural paintbrush by attaching different types of foliage to a stick!
    48. Mini golf
    49. Play frisbee
    50. See if there’s a frisbee golf course nearby
    51. Everybody show off your hoola hooping moves (this is particularly hilarious if the adults get involved!)
    52. String up the hoola hoops in trees and use them as targets to launch pool noodles through
    53. Climb a tree
    54. Make a ring toss game out of glow sticks
    55. Nature art   
    56. Decorate your very own walking stick with ribbon, yarn, paint, beads, etc.!
    57. See how many different animal tracks you can find and see if you can figure out who they belong to
    58. Build a stick tower, how high can you make it?!
    59. Build a stick raft, does it float?!
    60. Nature weaving. Lots of beautiful examples here on Pinterest
    61. Squirt gun race using solo cups. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, hang it on a string so that it lays horizontally, now you can squirt water into them to make them slide along the string!
    62. Play rhythm cups with more solo cups
    63. Make a fairy garden
    64. Make a wire wrapping craft with rocks
    65. Obstacle course. String some rope between trees and see if you can manoeuvre through without touching them
    66. Play the parachute game but with a beach towel and a beach ball! Better yet use a water balloon and see how many times you can toss it before it breaks!
    67. Nature names – Use leaves, sticks, etc. to spell out your names!   
    68. Scope out the other sites at the campground. Is there one you’d like to try next time?
    69. Take a picture or your favourite feature in your ArrKann trailer and tag us in a picture of it on social media!
    70. Meet your neighbours
    71. Do yoga! What better place than the great outdoors?!
    72. Bring a big piece of fabric the kids can colour. We found this one at IKEA. When it’s all filled in frame a piece of it as a souvenir!   
    73. Tell ghost/campfire stories
    74. Try a new recipe. One of our favourites is ham, swiss cheese and apple pie filling in a sandwich maker over the fire. Yummmm!
    75. Take a nap!
    76. Read a good book.
    77. Enjoy a nice peaceful morning coffee outdoors. Don’t rush, there’s no hurry to get anywhere!
    78. Sing songs around the campfire, bonus if somebody has a guitar!
    79. Go on a photography walk, how creative can you get?! Remember to change your perspective, get down low to try to imagine how the ants and spiders see things, get up high for a bird’s eye view!
    80. Skip rocks
    81. Watermelon eating contest. Great way to meet the neighbours, ask if they want to join you!   
    82. Fill a basin of water and go bobbing for apples.
    83. String apples up in a tree and see who can take the first bite, do this blindfolded for added difficulty!
    84. Make campfire banana splits! Leaving the peel on, cut the banana length wise, stuff it full of chocolate chips, marshmallows, peanut butter, any other topping you can think of… wrap in tin foil and place over the fire to melt! When it’s ready eat with a spoon!
    85. Make campfire cones! Same as above but this time use waffle or sugar cones. The stuffing possibilities are endless!
    86. Pick wildflowers
    87. Make a flower crown
    88. Play cards, maybe use your ArrKann crib board!
    89. Play boardgames
    90. Have extra packing room? Bring some lawn games like Giant Jenga or Yardzee
    91. Visit the visitor centre
    92. Play balloon tennis using blown up balloons and fly swatters
    93. Put on a puppet show
    94. Make a grateful journal
    95. Fly a kite
    96. Roll down a hill
    97. Play in a river
    98. Collect river rocks   
    99. Play charades
    100. Find a farmer’s market
    101. Bean bag toss
    102. Play hide and seek
    103. Collect bugs
    104. Go for ice cream again!   
    105. Make a lemonade stand
    106. Go on a picnic
    107. Do a random act of kindness such as haul wood for somebody!
    108. Make your own little spa, soak your toes in warm water while enjoying your favourite drink!
    109. Visit a waterfall
    110. Dance in the rain
    111. Jump in puddles
    112. Feed the ducks
    113. Play beach volleyball
    114. Learn a card trick
    115. Learn a magic trick
    116. Make a nature bird feeder! Tie string around a pinecone, roll in suet or lard, cover in birdseed and hang in a tree for the birds to enjoy!
    117. Put on a talent show (you’ve been working on that hoola hooping right?!)   
    118. String together pop can tabs to make a bracelet
    119. Collect bottle caps and make a wind chime out of them
    120. Set up a pyramid of cans and try knocking them over with a ball or use a pool noodle like a javelin to knock them over.
    121. Set up lawn bowling with empty cans
    122. Play catch
    123. Tubing
    124. Waterskiing
    125. Float down a river in a tube
    126. Invent a new drink
    127. Try paddle boarding
    128. Try yoga paddle boarding!
    129. Find a Parks Canada Red Chair and take a picture with it!   
    130. Move out of the camper one night and sleep under the stars!
    131. See some fireworks
    132. Go white water rafting
    133. Wake up super early and watch the sun rise
    134. Stay up late and watch the sun set
    135. Go to a petting zoo   
    136. Make a list of 152 things you love about Canada!
    137. Build a campfire
    138. Practice lighting a fire without using matches or a lighter
    139. Wherever you are, take a moment to check in. Take a deep breath, be grateful, enjoy the moment!
    140. Roast marshamallows
    141. Make S’mores   
    142. Make Bannock in a Bag! Before leaving home, put 3 cups of flour, 2 tbsp. baking soda and half of a tsp. of salt into a large Ziploc bag. Seal and shake. When you’re ready on site add half of a cup of lard or softened butter and 1.5 cups of water and then while still in the bag have the kids squish it all together. Now you can either bake for 15-20 minutes in foil packs (sprayed with non-stick spray or oil) over the fire or wrap around a hot dog and bake it that way!
    143. After dark give the kids some sparklers to play with   
    144. Visit a look out point
    145. Take the kids to the parc
    146. Go on a leisurely walk and see where you end up. You’re camping, no need to be anywhere at any specific time!
    147. Even if you have a camper do the dishes outside! We always do and it makes this boring task way more fun!
    148. Get out the colouring books, this can be relaxing and some good down time for kids and even “kids at heart” as well!
    149. Take a picture of your family enjoying your ArrKann Trailer and tag us on social media!
    150. Put the kids to bed!
    151. Have a drink by the fire, maybe sneak another snack that you didn’t want the kids to have!
    152. Sleep!! Maybe even sleep in a little, but not too much so that you can…
    153. Wake up and do it all over again!!
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