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  • Published on Jan 24, 2019

    Wheel Estate, Canada's preferred peer-to-peer rental marketplace for RV trailers, has joined forces with ArrKann Trailer & RV Centre, an award-winning Alberta dealership that has been committed to enhancing the RV lifestyle since 1977. Together, these two Alberta-made businesses are ready to take their current value propositions a step further, giving travelers seamless access to the great outdoors by offering them the integrated tools and insight they need to rent or own a travel trailer– and to build a secondary revenue stream while they’re at it.

    Campers looking to purchase a new or second RV trailer can turn to ArrKann’s unparalleled expertise and selection to find the perfect fit for their travel needs. Those looking to try before they buy, can find ready-to-rent privately-owned trailers of every shape and size on Wheel Estate’s online marketplace. In addition, those who purchase their units through ArrKann and list them on Wheel Estate will receive discounts on maintenance, warranty and priority on service. They can also look to ArrKann when they’re ready to purchase a second unit to add to their rental portfolio and continue to offset their ownership costs by renting out multiple trailers on Wheel Estate.

    “Like Wheel Estate, ArrKann is in the business of helping people get outside and enjoy the trailer camping lifestyle,” says Sarah Baptiste, president of Arrkann. “This partnership is an opportunity to welcome the sharing economy with open arms and we’re excited to be joining forces with Wheel Estate to make camping even easier for Albertans.”

    First time campers will have the opportunity to explore the outdoors at their own pace and comfort level, making memories in an RV trailer from Wheel Estate that suits their needs – something that both Wheel Estate and ArrKann hope will add to the growing community of camping enthusiasts across the province.

    “And when campers are ready to replicate their rental experience in a trailer of their own, they can trust that ArrKann will assist them in finding the perfect one to write the next chapter of their outdoor adventures in,” Baptiste adds.

    "The goal is simple: make the outdoors more affordable and accessible," says Cherie Ball, co-founder and COO of Wheel Estate. "Our partnership with ArrKann allows us to send Albertans to a Wheel Estate trusted dealership to purchase a camping unit that can be used first for their own adventures and second as a profitable rental opportunity. We frequently receive inquiries about which RV trailers are most popular among renters, what size is best, what features are most attractive – providing them with the data is easy, but through this partnership we can now refer them to the knowledgeable team at ArrKann to take the next step towards ownership.”

    The partnership also has the potential to unlock millions of dollars of revenue for RV trailer owners across Canada, and specifically Alberta. Travel trailer owners can earn north of $30,000 a year when they list with Wheel Estate – creating a revenue source that can be used to cover maintenance costs, service fees or monthly payments.

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