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  • Published on Jan 31, 2018

     Whether you’re in a Class A or tow along a 5th Wheel, your RV is your home away from home, and should have the comforts that go along with it. And that includes being a safe haven for your furriest family members. Read on for tips on traveling in an RV with dogs in tow.
    Bring the right stuff. Just like you, your pet has certain items that make him more comfortable while traveling. You already know you need to bring his bed, food, and bowls. However, you may not have considered his medications, current identification tags and photos of your pet in case he’s lost, sunscreen, and plastic bags to pick up after his bathroom breaks.’s Pet Packing List can help you get ready for the trip.

    Visit Some fun-for-Fido Locations

    Plan to visit a few dog-friendly parks along the way. This will give your pup the opportunity to mix and mingle with his bow wow brethren and burn some energy that might otherwise turn into destructive behavior. As much fun as travel is for both you and your pet, he can only take being cooped up for so long before he gets bored… and that never ends well for anyone. Luckily, there are dog parks all over the nation (and Canada!), so no matter where you’re headed, it’s likely you’ll find a handful of great dog parks close by. Here are a few in the long list of options: Miami, San Jose, Indianapolis, Portland, Saint Paul, Albuquerque, Raleigh, Knoxville, Madison and Calgary.

    Buckle Up

    You buckle up each time get into your vehicle and so should your dog. According to Forbes Staff Writer Hannah Elliott, a 10-pound dog can exert 300-pounds of force during a 30 mile-per-hour crash. Before you buy, ask lots of questions about the restraint system and get recommendations from family and friends.

    Watch the Weather

    Even though your RV is like a rolling apartment, it may not be a great idea to leave your dog home alone. In fact, many campgrounds have rules that expressly prohibit unattended canines, even when they are inside the cabin. If you do decide that you need to leave your pet for a brief period, consider the temperature before you go. When it’s hot enough to warrant running the AC while you’re away, take the dog with you. Everything from an electrical surge to an accidental unplugging would put your dog at risk of a heat stroke or worse. WinnebaGO Life, an RV-focused lifestyle blog, offers more information in its 2017 post Leaving Pets in the RV.

    Take a Joy Ride Before you Set Sail

    Not all RVs are designed the same way and you’ll need to ensure your pets have a safe and comfortable place to relax while it’s in motion. Before you make a commitment, rent an RV for a week or two and see how your pet settles in. If you plan on your pets staying by your side, you need to consider their needs as well as your own.  

    Vet check

    You’re excited for each excursion but your dog might be less-than thrilled to head out. Not all animals are suited for travel. The Humane Society of the United States asserts that you should discuss your travel plans with your dog’s veterinarian before you make plans for him to tagalong. Many local governments requires all animals be accompanied by a certificate of health before crossing state lines anyway so a quick well check should always be on your to-do list.
    These are great ways to keep your pet safe while seeing the country from the comfort of your recreational vehicle. But ultimately, you know your dog best and there will be other steps you must take to ensure his safety and comfort. Traveling with your pets is a rewarding experience and its made even more so when you can all return home together safe and sound.


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