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  • Published on Oct 20, 2015
    Winterizing your RV

    Camping season is starting to wind down. Maybe you have one last trip planned, but after that it’s probably time to winterize your RV. We have compiled some of the best tips and videos on the web to help you put your RV into hibernation the right way for the coming months. We hope that this blog is a good starting place for you, but it may not be everything you need. If you aren’t comfortable winterizing your unit on your own or have questions fill out the form on our service page to ask one of our service technicians any question.

    One of the main reason to winterize your motorhome is to protect your RV's water system. The big issue that can and often does occur is your water lines become damaged. The reason this happens is water in the lines become frozen and expands the lines causing them to break or crack. Your RVs plumbing system is the most susceptible to damage caused by freezing temperatures.


    Before you get started, the first and most important step is to make sure that you read through your owner’s manual for specific winterizing guides for your specific RV. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, then you can probably find it online with a simple Google search. 

    Some of the key items that you will need are: 

    • Non-toxic RV/Marine antifreeze
    • A water heater bypass kit, you won’t need one if you already have one installed
    • A wand for cleaning out the black-water holding tank, only if your RV doesn’t have a built-in clean-out system
    • A water pump converter kit
    •  Hand tools to remove and install drain plugs

    There are three main steps to winterizing your RV. 

    • Draining the Water and Drying the Water Lines.
    • Adding Antifreeze to the Plumbing System.
    • Checking for any openings.

    Here are just a few of the online youtube videos showing you exactly what to do for your specific RV. Keystone RVs is one of the major manufacturers that we carry and they have some great online help for winterizing your RV. 

    Also, check out this detailed checklist from KOA. 

    Store your RV

    Another great option that will save you the trouble of going through the winterization process is to rent a space to store your RV indoors. If you go this route make sure to check what the storage facilities insurance covers. 

    One of them main issues you can run into when storing in a facility are rodents. When the temperature starts to drop rodents such as mice and squirrels seek shelter during the cold months. These animals are notorious for chewing their way through wires and rubber components which can cause extensive damage to your RV.  They can also burrow into your engine and cause major damage. It is recommended to start your engine every so often to make sure this doesn't happen. Also, make sure you inspect your RV for any gaps or holes and properly fill them with silicone or expanding foam. Check all corners and crevices.

    Finally, you should prepare the Interior of your RV. Since the RV won’t be plugged into electricity you should make sure your main breaker is turned off in the distribution panel as well as turning off your LP gas supply valve. 

    ArrKann RV

    If you’re in or around the Calgary and Edmonton areas and need supplies to winterize or store your RV, make sure you stop by ArrKann RV for any of your service needs. We also have an online parts store so you can order what you need right from the comfort of home. If you have any service related questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re just a phone call away and a click away!


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