Demos and Educational Videos

Here you will find tons of information about everything from RV refrigerators to equalizer hitches. New demos and educational videos are added all the time so please check back regularly!

Winterization Demo


Water Heater Demo


Oven and Stove Demo


Rooftop Demo


Power Cord Demo


Hooking up a Trailer Demo


Furnace Demo


Air Conditioner Demo


De-Winterization Demo


RV Refrigerator Demo

In this thorough walk through of the RV Refrigerator, Terry our Service Director takes us through the ins and outs of a two-way RV fridge. He will discuss how to set one up and use one, as well as how they work.

Waste Water System Demo

In this demo, Terry our service director goes over how to properly manage your waste water system.

Electrical Systems Demo

In this video, Terry our Service Director, goes over how the electrical systems in your trailer work and how different components use either 12 volt or 110!

Tires and Wheels Demo

In this demo Terry, our Service director, goes over proper tire and wheel maintenance, and what it takes to insure a safe ride to your destination!

Weight Distribution Systems

Join Cassandra, our parts manager, and Mike as they go through different weight distribution systems and equalizer hitch options, and explain how they work!

Slide Topper Video

Join Cassandra, our parts manager in Edmonton, as she goes over the advantages of a slide topper awning!

Leveling and Stabilization Demo

Today we have Terry, our Director of the Service department, talking about how to properly level and stabilize your trailer.

Fresh Water Demo

Join Terry, our Director of the Service Department, as he outlines properly hooking up your water system, using your outside shower, and using the water heater.

RV Battery Demo

In this demo, Terry our Service Director, talks about some of the important points in maintaining and using an RV battery, and how to maximize it's life cycle.

Propane Demo

In this demo Terry, our service director, goes over how to use your RV's propane system, how to safely hook them up, and what propane is all used for in the RV!

Slide Out Demo

In this demo, Terry our service Director talks about how to properly operate your slide out, as well as how to care for it.

Air Conditioner Demo

Power Awning Demo

Outdoor Kitchen Demo


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