Required RV Maintenance Schedule


Your RV has many things that require regular maintenance. Below is a general guideline as to what you should look for and when.

a) Before your trip:

o Check tires (tire pressure, tread wear, and sidewalls for cracks) each trip 
o Check torque on wheel nuts before each trip
o Check hitching system on trailer and vehicle for any noticeable deficiencies
o Check light operation
o Check your awning for correct operation and ensure travel locks are engaged (if applicable)
o Check all of your gear (water/sewer hoses, water regulator, portable appliances, etc…) to ensure it is where you left it and in good working condition
o Check the fluid levels in your battery and top up with distilled water if needed
o Charge your battery
o Check fire extinguisher pressure and condition
o Ensure LP tanks are full

b) After your trip:

o Clean your RV regularly to prevent black streaks and keep it looking great
o Clean your awning
o Empty and thoroughly flush all holding tanks
o Empty and clean your fridge. Place door clips in to allow airflow when not in use.

c) Twice a year (once in the spring, once in the fall)

o Inspect the roof
o Anything that is attached to the roof of your RV, such as roof vents, has sealant around it to prevent leaks. Over time this seal will deteriorate or crack and needs to be touched up or replaced (the type of sealant is dependent on the roof material)check
o Vent lids for any damage or cracking
o Keep the roof clean to prevent early deterioration
o Walk around the unit and inspect moldings and sealant for deficiencies
o Inspect undercarriage for leaks, wires hanging down, and any other problems
o Check slide for proper operation and ensure slide seals are in good condition
o Clean and lubricate steps to ensure they work smoothly
o Lubricate door locks
o Check battery terminals for corrosion and clean with a wire brush if necessary
o If your exterior paint protection has not been purchased prior, you must wax the exterior of your trailer twice per year to maintain its finish. A regular automotive wax will work well.

d) Once a year:

o Repack wheel bearings
o NOTE: Grease fittings are not a substitution for repacking your bearings. This could cause an over-greasing situation that could damage your brakes.
o Check brakes (while bearings are being serviced is best)
o Propane leak and pressure test
o At the beginning of the season light all appliances and check operation
o Check and test detectors, change batteries if necessary (propane, smoke, and carbon monoxide). Ensure none of your detectors have expired.

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