Storage and Maintenance


Located at our Edmonton West location at 28712 114 Avenue, Acheson

Less than 25' : $60/month OR $600/year

25'-35' : $70/month OR $700/year

35'+ : $80/month OR $800/year

Yearly payment works out to 2 months free

Month to Month:

$100/month (min 4 months)


$100/month OR $1200/year*

*Maintenance can be added to any yearly plan


Wheel bearing repack (n/a with motorhomes)

Tire inspection

Inspect brakes and test operation

Lubricate all locks, slides and steps



Roof inspection

Test exterior lights

Exterior seal inspection

Propane leak and pressure test

Inspect detectors

Test all appliances

Spring-Fill propane tanks

Toilet paper (1 Pkg)

Toilet chemical (1 Pkg)

Please email if you have any questions!

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