Why Are We Closed On Sundays?

Family time.

Prior to the tornado that devastated Edmonton in 1987 ArrKann actually used to be open on Sundays. Unfortunately ArrKann was located in the path of the tornado and our building and operations were completely demolished. Thankfully nobody from our company was seriously hurt but others were not so lucky. When our founders stood back and reflected on the disaster they decided that life was too short to work seven days a week. So they made the tough decision to close on Sunday’s even though sometimes there is a negative financial impact.  In today’s modern society the same premise still holds true; with families coming and going it can be difficult to get everyone together. For our staff this guarantees them at least one day a week to see their friends and family.

We believe everyone deserves a day off. 

In an industry as seasonal as ours it can be very difficult to be completely “off” during the summer; there may be people calling from work with questions, customers coming in, email, etc. Having that one day guaranteed for all our staff allows everyone to take a much needed break to come back refreshed for our customers. To ensure our customers are well taken care of our service department, including technicians, stays open late during the summer to make sure all of our customers can be camping in a timely manner!

We’re campers too!

We like to practice what we preach, and we preach family time! We are seriously busy in the summer. It’s tough to find time to get out and do whatever it is you love to do. Having one day off a week guaranteed makes it a lot easier to plan a couple of days away with your family and friends. This is especially important since we love to go camping too! This also helps us serve our customers better since our staff actually uses and believes in the products and services we offer!
When we say “We’re closed Sundays, and we think you should be too” we are not trying to suggest everything should shut down on Sundays. We realize there are many essential services that people rely on. However, we are trying to suggest the above values are important to us and hope they are to our customers as well. We are fortunate to be able to be closed on Sundays, if you’re not that’s fine, just remember to take a day and find your own Sunday

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