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  • Published on Dec 06, 2017
    How To Prepare Your RV For A Long Road Trip

    When you bought your RV, you probably had visions of all kinds of trips and vacations. That’s exactly why people own recreational vehicles: To cheaply travel and visit places they’ve always wanted to see.

    However, it’s not like you can hop in your RV right now and head out. To make sure your trip is successful, there are some steps you have to take before driving anywhere. Otherwise, your RV might break down or you could run out of supplies mid-trip. But before you know how to prepare your RV for a long road trip, where are you going to go? 

    Where To Go? 

    Going on a road trip with an RV is not like heading out in the family sedan. With a car, you have to find hotels to stay at. One of the great things about an RV is that you can use it as your hotel. That makes selecting a road trip a bit different. 

    Big World Small Pockets has a great page listing some great RV road trips for you to enjoy. The Florida Keys are a great place to visit, especially if you want to head south for the winter. If that’s too far to drive, consider the Alabama Gulf Coast. For scenic drives, it’s hard to beat the Pacific Coast, and just telling people you took an RV trip through Death Valley is sure to amaze. 

    Tips For A Great Road Trip

    Now that you have a great destination in mind, it’s time to plan for the road trip. That must include directions for getting there. Even if you have a GPS, you have to be careful because those are designed for cars, not RVs. That’s why Budget Travel recommends using an RV-specific route planner. You can avoid low clearances and maybe even protect your RV in the process. 

    Depending on the size of your RV, you should also bring along bicycles. These are great for getting around when you don’t want to pack up everything and drive the RV somewhere. Just don’t forget to run your RV’s engine when you arrive and park so you recharge the batteries. 

    Where should you park? That depends somewhat on your RV, but you have several options. Travel With Bender recommends looking for RV-friendly campsites so you can enjoy campfires and nature, and then retreat inside the RV for sleep. Some big-box retailers allow you to park overnight in your parking lot but check with the store manager to verify that. 

    Stocking Up For The Trip

    Are you ready to hit the road? Not yet. Unless you plan on eating out for every meal and snack, you’ll need to stock up on supplies before heading out. When you buy food, don't forget to turn on your RV's refrigerator the night before you leave and wait until the temperatures come down to 38 to 40 degrees before adding any food. 

    It’s not just food, though. You also need to bring some to bring some recreational essentials such as games, movies, or books. Although your focus should be on the destination, there will be times when you are relaxing inside your RV. Having something fun to do can really help pass the time. 

    Plan Your Road Trip Today

    There’s no point in buying an RV and letting it sit in your driveway, but you should plan your road trip before leaving home. Find a great destination, pick a route for RVs, and stock up with food and entertainment options. This way, the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination. 

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