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  • Published on Feb 04, 2019

    Whether you’ve never been before or make this an annual event, the RV show is always an exciting place to be.

    Here are a few items we thought you may want to pack along to help make your day more enjoyable...

    Tickets! Purchase yours here or for your complimentary VIP thursday evening tickets click here.

    Snacks for the kids!! Or even for yourself, we get it, shopping works up an appetite!

    Comfortable shoes, you’ll be doing a ton of walking! For those of you who like to track your steps we’d love to hear how many you actually reach after a day at the show!

    Do some research beforehand. If you come prepared with a list of must haves and do not wants, this can help narrow down your search.

    Water. All that walking around, you’ll definitely want to keep hydrated.

    A tote or some sort of bag to carry all the flyers and promotional goodies you’ll receive.

    Tape measurer. It’s inevitable , there’s always something you’re going to want to measure whether you want to make sure your totes will fit in storage spaces or whether your new trailer will fit in a certain spot.

    Cash and/or credit cards. You may need to buy more snacks because suddenly those granola bars you packed aren’t as enticing as that gourmet coffee or baked pretzel!

    Map of the venue. Click here to save it on your phone.

    A friend or family members.... it’s always more fun as a group!

    Your cell phone.... in case you lose those members of the group somewhere along the way and of course to take pictures of anything you may want to remember. Certain trailers, features, even business cards and such.

    If you’re more of a pen and paper kind of person, you’ll definitely want a notebook to take notes.

    Be sure to stop by the ArrKann booth in Hall B1... we will have balloons and games for the kids!

    A sense of fun! This is the perfect place to dream big and imagine all those amazing adventures you’re about to have in your new RV. Enjoy the show!!


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