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  • Published on Aug 18, 2020
    Why I Camp and I Think You Should Too!

    Hi, this is Sarah from ArrKann. As a lot of you know many of us who work here do a lot of RV camping ourselves. This year has been particularly crazy and there have been many times in the past six months that my world has felt out of control. This past weekend I was lucky enough to get out camping and I was reminded how few things help ground me, help me truly connect, like actually getting out myself. I’m going to share some highlights from our trip.

    We went with my husband’s family and got to the site at the beginning of a rainstorm. We had our trailer set-up with the boys and dog tucked inside, dry and warm in less than 10 minutes. Then we went to help the two tenting families finish in the rain and wind. There was a general level of anxiety trying to get their tents set-up, not get wet inside and not get tossed away in the storm. What a gift having the RV was! As I walked around the site and looked at all the people in tents I couldn’t help but think there’s a better way!!

    As soon as the rain passed, the boys leaped outside and went off into the trees around our campsite. They were trying to see how many different types of berries they could find and gave them all unique names; stripey, whitey, speckled red, booger berry (they are boys). I found myself carefully inspecting the red berry looking for the tiny white speckles that the boys assured me were there. No other time in my life do I take 10 minutes to inspect one little berry with my son. But his enthusiasm and excitement were catching, there was no way I couldn’t explore a little bit with him.

    As the afternoon sun came back out, my sister-in-law and I enjoyed a nice cool glass of wine with cheese (you can still enjoy the finer things while camping!). Very rarely in my day to day life do I have nothing else to do but sit in my ArrKann chair and let the sun shine on my face.

    In the evening I went to bed and as I fell asleep I could hear my husband laughing and joking with his brother and parents around our little campfire. It’s not often he gets to spend time with his family like that. I fell asleep with a tired body, a warm heart and a smile on my face.

    So when we talk about helping people connect, and get out camping, I’ll think back to the highlights from my trip and know that’s what I want for everybody who connects with us.


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